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Data Interpretation

Bar chart

Study the following bar chart and answer the questions. Sales Turnover of 5 Companies (in Rs. crores) Read More »

Table graphs charts

Data Interpretation Table graphs chartsĀ : The following table shows the number of new employees added to different categories of employees in a company and also the number of employees from these categories who left the company every year since the foundation of the Company in 1995. Read More »

data interpretation – line graphs

data interpretation – line graphs : Ratio of Exports to Imports (in terms of money in Rs. crores) of Two Companies Over the Years Read More »

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation Circle Graphs Circle Graphs. Take the tests now to gain knowledge. Take Now Bar chart Bar chart online exams and Better quality service Take Now Table graphs charts Table graphs charts online exams and Better quality service. Take Now Line graphs line graphs online exams and Better quality service. Take Now Read More »